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About Us

When I was growing up, I watched both of my grandparents slowly decline with age as many of us do, and even on occasion my granddad would even get in his car and drive off, only to be found hours later confused and unable to articulate.

In my late teens and adulthood, I started to see friends parents also decline in a similar way, or people who I knew start to get ill, and yet the only real way of people identifying themselves or their medical needs was through static wristbands or cards, which couldn’t be updated or changed as the needs of the owners did.

So, I decided to create Tasca Tag.

I wanted something super simple. Something that didn’t need batteries, that could be accessed from anywhere in the world, by anyone in the world… anyone with a smartphone that is (of which there are 6.8 billion worldwide).

Something that could be updated at any time, that could be deactivated if lost or stolen, and cheap enough to produce that if it was lost or stolen, we could send another one out for free.

I wanted to help protect people, so that in the event of someone like my granddad wandering off and being found, their tag could be scanned, their family could be contacted and they could be returned home safely. If they needed medical attention, then their vital information such as blood type, medications, allergies would be available too.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created.



Origins of our name

The name “Tasca” stems from the Italian word for ‘pocket’, capturing the essence of our service: simple, functional, and reliable. Easy to remember and instantly recognisable, Tasca aligns with our commitment to keeping vital information conveniently close at hand.